What Is Personal Online Promotion?

Personal Online Promotion: Discover 3 Simple Steps To Help Your Name POP Up on Search Engines!


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What Is Personal Online Promotion and How is different from Personal Branding or an Online Resume??

Personal Online Promotion (POP) is, quite simply, the utilization of online services and features like search engines, social media networks, domains, blogs and press releases in order to promote your name and, most importantly, control what others see when they enter your name into a search engine. This is the key feature of POP; learning how to utilize the tools available to create links and pathways that will promote your name and provide you with more ‘results’ when someone searches for “your name” on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

1) Discover our simple 3 step strategy of how to promote your name and whatever products or services you offer.

In this book we will be discussing the 3 key strategies for successful Personal Online Promotion, which will be explored in more detail in the following chapters. These 3 strategies are:

  • Why You Need To Your Own “Personal Online Command Center (POC²)” Blog And How To Get It Set Up For FREE!
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Magic of Press Release Writing and Submission.
  • How To Tap the Personal Promotion Power of Social Media.

Combining these 3 elements will ensure successful Online Promotion, establishing a dominant online presence which will help to promote your name, brand and the products or services you offer.

2) Personal Online Promotion compared to Personal Branding

Personal Online Promotion is different to Personal Branding. Personal Branding is, in essence, your image; how others view you, what you stand for, the quality of the product or service you provide, whether you appear to be a market leader, whether you are professional, reliable, economical, and so on. Personal Online Promotion is really about developing a strategy to control what others see when they search your name online. Although the two areas overlap, POP is focused entirely on establishing your presence online, whereas Personal Branding refers to all aspects of how you are perceived (e.g. through media, advertising, reviews, associates, representatives, affiliates and so on).

3) Personal Online Promotion compared to an Online Resume

An Online Resume is just one of the many ways of promoting yourself online. While an Online Resume can be a useful and informative tool for advertising your key skills, services and experience to potential clients or employers, it is a very static form of communication, offering little to no interactivity with potential contacts, and quickly becomes out of date. In addition, without adequately utilizing Personal Online Promotion to advertise your resume through, for example, your website or social media networks, it is unlikely that potential clients or employers will even see it unless you find them and provide a link directly to the resume.

An Online Resume should be viewed as a document similar to a Press Release or Article – used to advertise your name and the products or services you provide. Combining the 3 key strategies of POP will result in many more links and pathways connecting your name to various articles, press releases, directory entries, blogs and social media accounts and is a much more successful method of driving up the number of results that will be displayed when your name is entered into a search engine.

In the book we will discuss the importance of POP, and reveal our simple 3 step strategy more in depth.  This 3 step strategy is proven to drive “your name” higher up the pages of search engines so that you can be seen and take control of what others see when they search for your name or brand.

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