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Being an author is a great way to propel yourself into a status of a leader of your industry but without the good backing of serious promotion and access to your books you are looking at less success.

Having an ‘Author Website’ means anyone who is interested in your book has the optimum website at their fingertips. AnAuthor Website tells people your also serious about what you do, unlike many authors who just send people to another website to make a purchase.

Your Author Website will make you and your book stand out and be more memorable. Information at their fingertips, exerts from your book can capture their interest even more than just a cover or blog somewhere. If you have put any special offers or downloadable material, special reports or other types of promotions in your book, then an Author Website keeps everything clean, clear, and uncluttered on your Author Website so all interested readers can find your information, links and even purchase your book with ease.

Don’t just try and sell a book, you are an Author, you are also selling yourself, your ability, your knowledge, you are the product and an Author Website will portray all this and much more.

Don’t just rely on your own website with a page about you and your book. Stand out! Be seen! Be memorable!

Make sure you ask about setting up an Author Website for your book.

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