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We have only cool tool in the world that seamlessly integrates and more importantly, automates all the technical means to Capture, Respond To, Gather Knowledge Of and Follow Up With every prospect who comes into contact with you.

From the moment you get this Perfect Automated Assistant working for your business, you can Profit From Every Opportunity that comes your way.

It’s generally agreed that one of the best first steps towards gathering a tribe of raving fans and growing a successful business is building a working list of prospects and customers that is much more than just a bunch of names and email addresses.

It’s most effective if you also collect useful marketing details on your tribe members and organize this data in a way that will help you build powerful campaigns that build rapport and truly connect with those people.

Whether you choose to use traditional forms of lead capture such as email, voice and web forms or are ready to step up to the latest mobile marketing technology that is revolutionizing marketing communications, Instant Customer delivers it all for you in one easy to use integrated, automated platform.

You can use any or all of our capture types and every one of your contacts will always be available to be followed up with using any or all of the outbound message delivery choices the system can do for you.

You can even choose to put your contacts into multiple campaigns and have those be automatically changed based on actions they take.

Instant Customer consolidates all of your lead capture into one place and automates your follow up in a way that will ensure your tribe raves about you.

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