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Effective press release marketing allows you to be found for specific keyword phrases that your specific ideal prospects are searching for. Having proper SEO and MEDIA attention can ultimately bring you total domination in your market.

Who is searching? Prospects, Buyers, Partners & Press

When people search, they not only find you; but you’re positioned as the authority in your field.


Our goal is to help you build: Trust, Credibility, Authority & Desire SEO first
- Ultimately, this means having Multiple Rankings on Page 1 on Google
- Have more of your content showing for your keywords in your search engines
- This gives you the perception of having absolute authority in your niche

MEDIA second

- Featured in traditional media (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Popular Blogs, etc)
- Increase your chances of getting called by the Press (every day thousands media channels around the world search for relevant news about very specific topics, and experts to engage and ______________)
- When the press keeps seeing your regular Press Release submissions (they start to see you as the obvious expert in your field to feature, interview or _______)

- Get more eyeballs from people who search for you and your niche every day
- Get more attention from prospects, buyers, partners, and press
- Establish domination in your market place as being the go-to authority in your field

Press Releases are also an excellent way to build your brand online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as highlighted in the #1 Amazon Best Seller “Personal Online Promotion”.

Since we cannot control whether a traditional media outlet will pick up your story and give you an interview (TV, Radio or in a traditional Newspaper), we concentrate on three core elements to make sure your marketing message is found online by as many people as possible:
- Page 1 of Search Engine Ranking for Your Targeted Keywords
- More Eyeballs on Your Story with Multiple Submissions
- Total Domination for Your Book Title, Your Name and Keyword Phrases in Search Engines With Consistent Monthly PR Distribution

Press Releases are not a one-time ad that is here today and gone tomorrow. Press Releases stay listed in search engines for a long-time.

We have some press releases that have been listed online as far back as 2008. The more consistent you are with doing press releases, the more rankings you will get over time and the more opportunities you will have for interviews.

Press Releases are THE best and most cost effective way to create backlinks to your blog or website, get more top rankings in Google, and generate more visibility for your name and potential sales for your books, products and services.

The more rankings you hold for your name, book title, etc. the more perceived authority & credibility you hold in your niche. This is important for getting paid opportunities to speak, train, and consult on your topic of expertise.

A truly informative press release contains genuine content about your book, and is thoughtfully constructed while including keywords related to your book topic. News releases are considered to be more relevant, timely, and informative than advertising material or blog posts. Used wisely and correctly, press releases are an extremely effective tool for promoting your book and online presence while generating links back to your web pages. A strong PR campaign can be the difference between becoming an author and a Best Selling author.

Many of our clients have been featured on national and local affiliate media like NBC, ABC,CBS, Fox, MSNBC, Newspapers, and Radio too. If you are featured on a live radio or tv show we can potentially get you rankings for the title of the show and the host’s name, in addition to your name & book title.

If you are looking for someone to write your press releases and distribute them to the right places so that you can take over multiple rankings for your book’s keywords, title, and your name in search engines, we can do that.

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