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We are very different to your traditional publisher or editor. Our focus is all about you and your success. We want to see you massively successful and really get a kick out of seeing our clients achieve so much because of their book!

Some of the key reasons why people want to write a book:
- they have a “passion project” and want to get their message heard
- they want to raise their credibility in their marketplace, industry or profession
- they want to generate more leads for their business
- they want to create a whole new career and revenue source

For us a book is not the end, it’s a means to the end. Amazon and Apple have changed the game for aspiring authors for the better. Self Publish is now king but often we find budding authors have no idea where to start and often never actually publish their book or even worse they get a few sales and end up with a huge space taken up in their garage with all the unsold books!

Before you write your book you need to get very clear about the purpose and plan for your book. The more intense your planning upfront, the easier it will be write… and the more successful you be in creating a really good book that hits the mark.

The Why

- Why are you writing this book?
- Why will your audience want to read it?
- Why does the book matter? Why is it important to say?

Ultimately, this is your purpose—the vision behind what made you want to write the book in the first place.

Pinpointing your “why” will give you fuel while you write. It’s the mission that will keep you going and invigorate the words you type.

The Who

Next is the “who.”
- Who is your audience… really? Generalities and basic categories will not be enough.
- Who is your reader exactly? Rather than just being “business professionals,” are they female business professionals with a passion for yoga or are they young entrepreneurs who attend networking events every weekend? Is your ideal audience someone who might consider a weekend herding cattle a good time, or someone who would rather be in Vegas?

Remember—marketing is about attracting and repelling. If you plan on using your book to build your business platform, you want to make sure you are attracting the right people into your marketing funnel.

The What

Once you know to whom you are speaking, what do they need to hear?

The message behind all the books and products you create within your platform should speak to the specific problems your target audience faces.
- What problems keep him or her up at night? How much of an impact do these problems have?
- What does he or she ultimately need to solve those problems?
- And, how can your book solve or alleviate those problems?
- What is the overall core message that will inspire, motivate, entertain, educate, transform, or improve their life in some way?

We have a very simple 5 step process designed to achieve your goals and build a solid platform for your book and what comes next. Click through for more insight into how we can help you achieve your dreams and goals through publishing.

- Prepare
- Perform
- Publish
- Promote
- Profit

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